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Hey girls (and boys)!
Long time ago since my last post huh?
Remember me?
Well, I spent the whole weekend in front of youtube and it was like a flashback to all those gay-couples (it's been not that many *LOL*) I ever shipped and I saw some old vids and I was all like "Awwww... yeah, I remember this".

And so I thought I share it with you... if you want to! )
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Dear Vered,

Each year your birthday reminds me
That I really want to say
I’m very glad I know you;
I think of you each day.

I hope you enjoy your birthday,
All the pleasures it has in store,
And because I appreciate you,
I hope you have many more!

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Originally posted by [ profile] bergergrey at Paris - October 6th/7th 2012 - Nighttime Part 1

It's again completely stolen from Sabine! And it's her POV, it's not me talking about myself as 3rd person *LOL*

We started the night in a Bistro between the Opera and the St. Lazare train station. It was a lucky find because we had taken the bus to do a  little sight-seeing without having to walk in the rain.

The Bistro was remarkable in many ways.

  • it was packed
  • there was only one waiter running around (but he had everything under control)
  • the menu was written in many languages. The German one was hilarious. It had something called “Kopf von Salatsoßenschwein.” We scratched our heads and wondered. In English it would have said something like “head of salad-sauce-pig”. Looking at the French menu, a light bulb went on. It was supposed to be pork meat jelly in a sauce vinaigrette
  • [ profile] soulmatejunkee decided to have a Hot Dog while I chose a Vegetarian Baguette.
Here's the first night experience ... )
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Originally posted by Sabine [ profile] bergergrey at Paris - October 6th/7th 2012 - Daytime

I just stole it from Sabine an re-posted it, so it's her POV

On the first weekend of October 2012, Paris was hosting the 12th La Nuit Blanche, White Night, starting at 7 pm on Saturday evening and lasting until Sunday morning, 7 am. It’s a night full of art, installations and performances with free entrance for everyone.

For friends and relatives, I was going for the art. For my friends on the QaF fandom, I was going to breathe the same air as Randy Harrison and a rather unlikely chance to meet him somewhere that night. He was on vacation Paris at that time.

Want to know more? )
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Found this and thought it's funny, so I tried to translate it ;)

I don’t read operation instructions – I push the buttons until it works!

I don’t need alcohol to expose myself to ridicule – I can do it by myself!

If I were a bird, I knew exactly who would get my first load of shit on his head!

I’m not bitchy – I’m emotionally felxible!

Best words ever spoken? “Let’s go shopping!“

I’m not nuts. These are Special Effects!

Women have to look like WOMEN and not like decorated bones!

Forgive and forget? I’m neither Jesus, nor do I have Alzheimer.

Women are angels. If you break our wings, we keep flying – on a broom. We are flexible!

I’m not fat! It’s just effective erotic surface!

When god created the men he promised to place the perfect man on every corner … and then he made the earth a ball.

When I’m dead my headstone’s gonna say: “Don’t look so stupid, I would prefer to be at the beach, too!”


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