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Jun. 17th, 2012 12:45 am
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I had to do ... I mean... I just couldn't resist.

The Randy Pic is from the Press Conference on Friday. It was taken by [ profile] predec2. Full credit goes to her! Thank you for taking and sharing that beautiful picture:)

The Icons from the other castmembers are made by [ profile] manueladb - they fit in just perfect :) So, thank you my dear *hugs*

Klick to enlarge (or watch it in my journal *gg*)

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Total Icon Count: 30


The Icons 1-15 are made out of pictures I took or pictures I was in with the stars. The other Icons were made out of pictures I snagged all around the fandom. Full and completely credit goes to the people who made those wonderful, beautiful pictures and were willing to share them.

Icons Here! )
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My camera's really not the best. So, there are some Pics with a not so good quality, but after all... some Pics :)

Some more )
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...I am so flashed, I expect a breakdown this evening. I don't know what to say, I don't know what to think, it was so much, it was so amazing, it was so chaotic, I am so fucking tired and I can't even describe you how much my feet hurt.

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soulmatejunkee: (Default) want to know who's coming instead of Gale?
It's ===> HIM!!

Okay, not my 1st choice, but come on, how fucking cool is it that they were able to come up with someone else right away? So now, there're going to be 9 actors again!

And you know what - even though my autographbook doesn't include him *sigh* and I have to take a single picture for him to get his autograph - I am very thankful!

So, thank you Mr. Allan! :)

Not to mention that Randy Harrison is already in Germany!!
How fucking cool is that!
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I didn't look at Facebook or Twitter and I think I won't.

As you all know, I will join the Con! And as some of you also know, Gale Harold wasn't/isn't the main reason for me to visit the Con.

But, I totally understand the fans disappointment, I feel with them. After all these months of happiness and joy, it’s such a let down that he now won’t attend.

And honestly, I think it’s way too soon to expect people – and especially his fans who paid hundreds of Dollars/€ just to see him and now won’t see him, but also won't get their money back! – to understand his reasons and on top of that accept it without being angry, disappointed and pissed.
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Hello there, everywhere and everyone!

Not in my wildest dreams I ever thought I would start a community on Livejournal. But last week I did. Together with my sweethearts [ profile] pam81 and [ profile] pet0511! Why? Well, because we are some totally euphoric fangirls who are really excited about the upcoming Convention in Cologne and we thought it's about time to have a place to talk about it!

A place for everyone!

A place for those who will come!
A place for those who want to come!
A place for those who won't be able to come, but want to know everything about it and want to share our happiness about what's coming up!

So, if you're one of those persons, please join us, right here:

[ profile] qafcologne2012 | [ profile] qafcologne2012 | [ profile] qafcologne2012

We're waiting for you!

So, since this was my first "pimping" ... how was I?
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OMG!! I'm smiling like a... IDK, moon? Or maybe like the sun? Anyway, I got my Tickets for the Convention! It's soooo cool!

And Elke [ profile] reiselust161 made a new Video:

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I'm living in a fangirlbubble! *YAY*
214 days until it's going to happen!

Elke ([ profile] reiselust161) made this:

Guess you all have already checked out the website! :)

*living in a bubble*
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Convention in Cologne 2012

This is sooo fucking cool, I still can't believe this is going to happen! I really really really want this to happen so bad! YAY YAY YAY!!

Not only that I'm going to see Gale, Randy, Scott, Peter and the others... I hopefully will finally meet some of you guys!

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Hi Folks! *waving*

Remember what I already told you? No? You can re-read it HERE

Times going on and on and on and our very lovely german ladies who are planing the QAF convention for June 2012 are busy busy busy, so... I thought, why not helping them a little :)

Okay, there's not so much I can do, but at least it's something:

===> Here's the official facebook site

And for those who still don't believe in it, look what Scott Lowell says about it:

The little fangirl in me is still totally YAHAYY... you know?
I so hope that this is going to happen!!
So, lets make it happen!

Are you coming? :)


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