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Jun. 17th, 2012 12:45 am
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I had to do ... I mean... I just couldn't resist.

The Randy Pic is from the Press Conference on Friday. It was taken by [ profile] predec2. Full credit goes to her! Thank you for taking and sharing that beautiful picture:)

The Icons from the other castmembers are made by [ profile] manueladb - they fit in just perfect :) So, thank you my dear *hugs*

Klick to enlarge (or watch it in my journal *gg*)

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Total Icon Count: 30


The Icons 1-15 are made out of pictures I took or pictures I was in with the stars. The other Icons were made out of pictures I snagged all around the fandom. Full and completely credit goes to the people who made those wonderful, beautiful pictures and were willing to share them.

Icons Here! )
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Okay, I think I have way too much time lately *LOL*
I was playing a little and then...

Want to see more? )
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So, I just tried something new... and here we go:

A lot lot more under the cut )
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So, here we go.
The first icons were a request from [ profile] pet0511!
The others more or less, too.
But I thought maybe some of you might like them...

Total Icon Count: 11


Icons Here! )

Total Icon Count: 6


Icons Here! )
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So, I made a little video :)
It's a german song, but I'm a nice german girl and give you the translation:

Here's the text and the video )
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Hi girls!! *waves*
I know I was quiet lately... *sigh*
But tonight my muse wanted to do some B/J stuff, so I thought you might like to see it :)

Here's number one:

And there are 4 more... or 1 more but in 4 different colors )
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Total Icon Count: 39


- [001-009] = Hellcats, Episode 1.20 (Gale Harold)

- [010-029] = Queer as folk, Cast

- [030-034] = The Bing Bang Theory, Cast

- [035-039] = Beverly Hills, 90210 (Kelly & Dylan)



Icons Here! )
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I'm honestly not so happy with the results, but anyway... hope you like them :)

Total Icon Count: 21


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I just updated my Profile a little with some stuff about my 3 fave couples... or my 3 Ships or whatever you want to call it :)

You can check out my profile (if you want to) or you can see the pics I added here:

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I snagged the caps from Galedevotee and used them! They're not mine!

Total Icon Count: 20


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Hey girls... and boys! *wave*
I had a little time yesterday and so I made two little banner!

Hope you like it :)

You can find them here )


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