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Hey girls (and boys)!
Long time ago since my last post huh?
Remember me?
Well, I spent the whole weekend in front of youtube and it was like a flashback to all those gay-couples (it's been not that many *LOL*) I ever shipped and I saw some old vids and I was all like "Awwww... yeah, I remember this".

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These two are Deniz and Roman (DeRo) from the german soap opera "Alles was zählt" (All that matters). I don't remember when their lovestory started, must have been somewhere between 2006 and 2007. Anyway. They were my first gay-couple-ship, which probably will always make them the best one for me, or so to say, my OTP!

But there's one thing you can trust in when you're watching a german daily-soap-opera: THEY WILL SCREW YOUR COUPLE UP! And oh lord, what did they screw up DeRo! Especially Deniz and especially in the beginning! Worst part: After needing months to finally come out to everyone and to finally tell Roman and himself that he is gay and has feeling for him - he cheated on him with a girl, fell in love with that girl (which sucked doubled-twice, because I really loved that girl, Vanessa, but after this... mpf!) and sort of, somehow, broke up with Roman!

During that time, the DeRo Fanbase was already all over the world, thanks to the www and youtube. But that didn't stop the network from screwing with us fans!

And that was just the beginning, Deniz started to cheat on Vanessa too, he used drugs, he even worked as a callboy. He became a total asshole and once in a while he fucked (or kissed) his ex-boyfriend Roman. So I stopped watching the soap, because beside these two, there was nothing that kept me watching during that time.

Well... during summer 2008 I accidentally fell over an online report that said: "Gay Happy Ending in Alles was zählt" and ... well, what can I say? I started watching again, because I wanted Deniz to fight and to get dumped and to feel all the pain he gave me Roman and they did not disappoint me at all. I mean, it's a soap, so of course (!) it is over the top - always! - but it was cute and fluffy and heartbreaking and sad and romantic and in the end it was all a fangirl can ask for!

Yeah, it's still a german soap opera so... THEY SCREWED IT UP AGAIN!

Now... it's been almost 2 years since DeRo ended for good and it's been almost 2 years since I stopped watching the soap. Their youtube-channel got canceled and ... other couples came up. But watching them again this weekend brought all those feelings back! They had such a great chemistry onscreen, they had such a great love story (in the beginning and again after Deniz outburst) and I found another channel where you can watch the entire DeRo Story (with english subtitles) (starts at episode 230)!

Nothing and no couple will ever beat DeRo ♥! "Bunny", I will never forget you... *sniff*


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Mh, yeah well, okay, I don't know what to say about this ship! *LOL* Of course it's somehow different, since Drake and Josh never (!) played a couple, but step-brothers on the nickelodeon show "Drake & Josh". They somehow slipped under my radar and I really enjoyed the show and this little bromance they shared, because come on "Hug me, brotha" is adorable every time it happens and the actors share a great chemistry and there also was a little kissy kiss. The show was also funny from time to time. These two are probably the most innocent gay-ship of all time! ♥

And they made the time between the awful first DeRo Ending and their reunion tolerable...


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Well, well, I started watching QAF because of Brian and Justin, because I saw some youtube-vids and someone also told me to watch QAF if I want to see some good slash-stuff! So I bought the 5 seasons and started watching and there was not so much B/J romance in the beginning (when you don't know what will come, etc.), but when Blake showed up and this poor pathetic Teddy-Baby got some honest attention I completely fell for these two!

I can't even tell you why, I just can't. I mean, Blake didn't get the best intro with his drugs, etc. But the way he acted around Ted, so sweet and I never doubted that he truly likes him (which is probably the reason why I like him) and all I ever wanted was a happy ending for these two!

When Blake came back in the end of Season 1 I was such a happy camper and when he then disappeared again and seemed to be completely forgotten as well as by Ted as also by the writers I was sooooo fucking disappointed and then again happy happy happy when he was back in 3.14 and also in Season 4 and again... WTF!

And even though I will never forgive the writers for 2 episodes with Tad and 15 seconds with Blake in the end - at least there was ONE happy ending I was rooting for! Ted and Blake were the first QAF-couple I shipped! ♥ And in my world (as some of you probably read in my FF) they're meant to be and will always be together!


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Brian and Justin - it's not a secret for anyone around here, right? It's also not a secret that I am not one of the hardcore Brian-Fans, but a full blooded Justin-Girl! So of course I couldn't fall for that couple immediately, but instead became annoyed with Brian's asshole-behavior from time to time (and not only during the B/J-lovestory) and I am not patient enough to always feel sorry for "poor"-Brian.

But... Brian Kinney and the B/J relationship is what makes QAF different and special and they made me laugh, they gave me hard times on my couch and made me mad and happy again! They are "Queer as folk" for me ♥. And it doesn't bother me that they somehow were able to cast two main characters who share an amazing chemistry with each other...


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So, here we have Agron & Nasir (Nagron) from "Spartacus". A friend told me about these two so I watched the entire show, only 3 (and a half) seasons. Good show, if you don't mind (fake) blood, sex and hot guys in pants, watch it!

Anyway, this couple is... interesting. They're kinda cute and also kinda innocent, which is weird considering that they're part of the bloody-brutal-show that's called "Spartacus". But they are. And the weirdest part is: it's because of the (bloody-brutal) Gladiator!

Agron is a huge guy and every time he's on screen he looks so angry and so pissed and you fear that he just jumps up and kill them all just because he feels like it. All he wants is revenge for his brothers death. He hates practically every person he meets, doesn't trust anyone and no one uses the word "Fuck" more often than he does! But as soon as Nasir shows up, Agron is like ... melting ice cream in the sun - pure sugar! You can feel the love he has for this "little man" in every scene they share, no matter how short the scene might be.

But as strong and invincible Agron might be as a Gladiator/fighter, he's like a virgin when it comes to love, trust and relationships! He's so... yeah, I still have to call it innocent, because he doesn't even realize it when he gives the biggest declarations of love you have ever heard.

There's a reason why Nagron is often called "The Super Couple" of the show. Compared to the other couples of the show (and some are also very lovely to watch) they're different, and not because they are gay (Homophobia didn't exist before the bible came up!).

It's also sort of cute that practically every cast-member was/is a Nagron-Shipper as well... ♥


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Last but not least we have Christian and Olli (Chrolli) from "Verbotene Liebe" (Forbidden Love) - besides DeRo the 2nd gay-soap-opera-couple Germany created. Considering that DeRo is done for good since 2 years I think it's possible that Chrolli is the no. 1 gay-export from our country right now.

But remember and never ever forget what I told you about german daily-soaps: THEY WILL SCREW UP YOUR COUPLE!

First the pros: Chrolli started in 2008 - now we have 2013 and they're still there, still a couple, married and also still cute. That's absolutely not typical for a (german) soap opera! They got married in 2010 - big stuff, big party, very well done! It also helps a lot that both actors are very good looking and share a comfortable chemistry with each other.

Of course (!) I always knew about Chrolli, but I admit I never watched "Verbotene Liebe", simply because I'm barely home during the time it's on TV! But of course, just as for DeRo, there was also a youtube-channel for Chrolli and another one and... another one!

So, thanks to youtube, I was able to catch up with the storyline from time to time and ... Chrolli is worth a fangirl-drooling-moment or two, maybe even three. They had a wonderful build up, a well-written and well-portrayed coming out story, a super-cute first "I love you", heartbreaking moments, homophobia-stuff, health-stuff and then... just as Deniz did, Christian cheated on Olli with a girl - or with two girls already... or no, it's been three girls now! *rolleyes* Other than Deniz he never fell in love with one of these girls, he always and only loved Olli - but seriously, that doesn't help much!

Sure you'll get some really great and heartbreaking scenes when you create drama (and I admit it was heartbreaking to watch, because who wants pretty boys look sad?), but does it always have to be cheating-with-a-girl? I mean, always? There's more on this planet than cheating!

Anyway, 5 years and it's still going on so if you want to watch it (with english subtitles):

1. Ichglotzutube / 2007-2010
2. MercuryMay01 / 2010-2012
3. Chrolliworldwide / 2012 - ??

After the huge letdown(s) they gave me with DeRo I don't want to ship another german-soap-(gay)couple anymore. But... as I said, these guys are really adorable!


So, that's it. But I think about watching "Glee" (when the show is over, because I don't start this "let-the-fandom-ruin-a-couple-for-you-with-endless-discussions" stuff again). I read and hear about "Klaine" and I also saw some vids, and yes, they're cute :)

We'll see...

on 2013-09-08 09:15 pm (UTC)
Posted by [identity profile]
Haven't seen ANY of those shows in quite a while but I thought Thore would leave the show? I thought he already did and that they aren't really "together together" anymore... *shrugs* Like I said, haven't watched in forever, but I read on facebook that Thore is going to do other stuff and doesn't really have the time for VL anymore...

on 2013-09-08 09:47 pm (UTC)
Posted by [identity profile]
Right now he's back... for a while. "Christian" will go back to England for another year. I don't know if Thore will come back again, maybe for some Christmas-stuff, but right now, he's on! :)

on 2013-09-08 09:50 pm (UTC)
Posted by [identity profile]
Ah, okay!
I assume once "The Voice" starts again his time will be limited and he won't probably be around anymore! But I heard he wants to quit!

on 2013-09-08 10:10 pm (UTC)
Posted by [identity profile]
Don't know, haven't heard the quitting stuff yet, but... if so, then it is so.
At least the cheating with a girl stuff would finally end!

on 2013-09-09 10:03 pm (UTC)
Posted by [identity profile]
Hey Steffi, of course I didn't forget you. I've been in the closet about my soft spot for gay guys until Brian and Justin, but I do remember another daily soap couple from "GZSZ" I loved to watch in 1998 or so. Phil and whatshisname?! No matter what they screwed it up as well. Which probably is rather a daily soap thing than a German thing because it's just impossible to have a believable storyline AND enough drama to keep the audience tuned. I mean look at the hetero couple. They are like 22 and most of them are already divorced twice and have been victims of a least one crime, committed a murder themselves and discover lost sisters and brothers on a yearly basis. Chrolli are back together by the way, but I'm like you. Sometimes I catch up, sometimes I'm not that thrilled anymore by the lame storylines. Hugs Sabine

on 2013-09-10 07:14 am (UTC)
Posted by [identity profile]
Sabine :)
Are you talking about Philipp and Fabian? I remember them :)
But I don't remember how it ended.
GZSZ is the worst when it comes to gay couples. I mean, I hated the Paula/Franzi bullshit, it was so weird and so wrong and it came completely out of nowhere. And I wasn't a big fan of Lenny/Carsten either, even though there was a lot more potential in that storyline.

I know Chrolli are back together... but guess what's Christian "secret" is?! Mpf!

on 2013-09-10 03:22 pm (UTC)
Posted by [identity profile]
Fabian, right. They were kinda cute together. I didn't watch GZSZ anymore afterwards, so I don't really know who the other couples are.
Christian's secret? You mean he's in love with a woman? I didn't catch that but I don't watch it regularly. As a bisexual woman, I'm not that opposed to the idea of fluent sexual identies but of course it's not really a positive and believeable portrayal of bisexual people either. But still, it happens all the time. I can tell. :o)

on 2013-09-11 08:16 am (UTC)
Posted by [identity profile]
No I don't think Christian is in love with a woman. He just cheated... again!
I wouldn't even call Christian bisexual, somehow... for me it always looked as if he just fell in love with a boy, that's it. Olli just happened to be a boy.

on 2013-09-10 07:26 am (UTC)
Posted by [identity profile]
Thanks for the inspiring entry, I might do something similar. :)

And I'm soooo happy you've included Ted and Blake, I think they're my 2nd favourite couple from QaF. :)

on 2013-09-11 08:18 am (UTC)
Posted by [identity profile]
Mine too :)
I always wished they would've made Blake a main character.

on 2013-09-12 03:11 am (UTC)
Posted by [identity profile]
What a great post and a wonderful walk down memory lane...sort of. I discovered QAF around 2010 and I was immediately so obsessed with it that I didn't seek out or notice any other gay paring. It was about a year and a half later when I discovered a slew of other pairings all through the wonders of YouTube - that's how I found DeRo, Chrolli, Lucas and Edwin (Ludwin?), Aaron and Jackon (Emmerdale) and, of course, LuRe (ATWT). Speaking of ATWT, I tried watching the Luke and Noah storyline, but Noah's character just rubbed me the wrong way, not to mention treated Luke like crap and I stopped watching, until someone suggested I watch Luke and Reid and I just FELL IN LOVE with Dr. Reid Oliver. What a character! Plus, LuRe's chemistry level was about on par with Brian and Justin.

Anyway, your post makes me want to re-watch ALL of them. BTW, thanks for the link to the DeRo vids. I was heartbroken when their channel disappeared and I could find any of the videos again.


on 2013-09-12 06:39 am (UTC)
Posted by [identity profile]
Anyway, your post makes me want to re-watch ALL of them. BTW, thanks for the link to the DeRo vids. I was heartbroken when their channel disappeared and I could find any of the videos again.
True... I was also like "WTF" when they announced that they're going to delete ALL the wonderful DeRo Videos. And last weekend I found the other link and was like "OMG OMG OMG" *LOOOL*

I never watched ATWT ... I know LuNo from some vids, but the kisses were so... uncool, so to say, that I didn't watch it. And I also watched one fanvid with LuRe and ... saw that Reid is going to die in the end and so... no fucking way! I need happy endings, it was hard enough to watch my "Bunny" die *sniff*

But there are still so many (gay) couples out there. I mean, for example there is Ianto and Jack and they have so many fans, but I also know that Ianto dies. And so I don't watch it!

And there are also bad written gay couples - at least bad written in my opinion - and I can't enjoy their storyline so I don't watch it *LOL*. Like our other (and most successfull) daily soap "GZSZ" had 2 gay couples and both were weird... because they completely failed in giving them a decent storyline!


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