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Okay, so here we go:

They started at 10 AM, almost perfectly in time. Sheena was the first on stage – of course. She introduced all of them. The first one was Ryan Scott Greene… and what can I say, he’s adorable. He has beautiful blue eyes! And he’s so lovely. Some of us girls completely fell for him – well, I was one of them.

Not sure if she introduced the actors the way she was supposed to. Robert and Michelle were the next, then Peter and then Randy and then Gale … Scott later told us she “forgot” him and so he came in on Gale’s back! *LOL* Not a bad start so far!

It was the first time for me to see Gale Harold in person. Unfortunately he gave me the whole “program” I didn’t want (so much): Beard, glasses AND the hat. All together! Uff… okay, but well, he was there and he seemed so shy or nervous or both. He always played with an apple and he never looked at us/the audience. He always started every answer with a joke… I admit it felt weird at the beginning, but after a while you knew something would come, he loves to play with the questions and stuff that’s given to him! And he was always very lovely and nice.

Some Pics (some are good, some better, some blurry). If there’s any Pic you want to have in HQ, tell me, I’ll send it to you.

They had to start their program fast and so we went to the autographs. I got my (new) autographbook signed. Cute ♥.

After that there was the first panel with Randy and Gale. I’m afraid I don’t even remember what they were talking about. I only remember some small stuff, but I don’t know if they talked about it during the Panels or the Meet & Greet, so… I just say it. *LOL*

They talked about the Prom scene and Randy told us that after being done with everything they called him to do one last shot, the headshot when Justin walks away from Brian and turns around and get beaten… and he told us that he had already drunk half a bottle of champagne when they called him back to do that shot, because he thought he was done and they were celebrating! It was cute.

What Gale liked about the Prom scene? “They made it look like I can dance!” *LOL* He told us he was standing on Randys feet practically all the time.

Someone asked them if they think that Justin every learned that Brian was there for him in hospital every night. And Gale was sure, that Brian would let him know that – in his special way. I don’t remember the exact words he used but it was so… YEAH! *LOL* Randy too thinks that Justin knows it/heard about it.

Gale also told us that the cameras were always able to show so many feelings he/they weren’t even trying to show… sort of. So I guess we have to thank the cameramen *LOL*!

There was also – of course – the question about where Brian and Justin would be right now. But we all agreed that we do not want to hear these answers again. *LOL* Randy said, it’s not that he would not answer it, it’s just like that we don’t want to hear it and that when he answered it last time (Cologne) the audience practically “booh’d”. We’re so evil… *gg*

About the B/J relationship… Randy wondered why/how a 17 year old boy would fall in love with a 30 year old man and why a 30 year old man would always hang out with a 17 year old boy – and Gale was like “Yeah, THAT’s the real question!” *LOL*

Randy told us that he liked the Justin/Ethan story, especially because there was the cat supposed to be in it. But unfortunately Fabrizio Filippo was allergic to cat-hair so the cat had to leave.

Some Pics (some are good, some better, some blurry). If there’s any Pic you want to have in HQ, tell me, I’ll send it to you.

After that Peter and Scott followed… and they were as funny as always. Peter talked a lot about his new show “The fosters”. And Scott talked about his character in “Bones”. There wasn’t much about QAF, but it was funny to watch and listen to them and there was a hilarious story Peter told us about a director who – accidentally – introduced to of “bath guests” a little closer to each other than they were meant to. *LOOOOL* (You know what I mean, right? ;) )

Some Pics (some are good, some better, some blurry). If there’s any Pic you want to have in HQ, tell me, I’ll send it to you.

Then we got the Panel with Michelle, Robert and Ryan. And it was as funny as well. Robert told us about the first “Sex-Talk” he had with the Producers and Hal and how Hal’s eyes grew bigger and bigger when they planned how to do the scene! *LOL* In the end they agreed with one leg up on Ben’s shoulder.

Michelle told us how she asked Thea “How was I?” after their first sex scene and Thea was like “You smelled like flowers” … *LOOOOL*

But the most interesting was Ryan. You all do remember the scene with the blond boy who walked down Liberty Avenue in the final episode? The scene that was cut out? Ryan told us, that this was the finale scene and that it was supposed to be like the first B/J scene. Brandon comes out of Babylon and see’s the boy under the streetlight and gets over to him. Ryan even said they had exactly the same lines as Gale and Randy had. It was meant to show that it’s like a circle, it goes on and on, it never ends.

I would love to see the whole scene! And now we know for sure that this “new boy” was meant for Brandon (but never for Brian)!

Some Pics (some are good, some better, some blurry). If there’s any Pic you want to have in HQ, tell me, I’ll send it to you.

The photos… yeah well! What can I say? They were all so lovely! I got pictures with all of them and I can’t wait to see the Pics. I hope they are good! My first Pic was with Ryan and he was so adorable! Michelle hugged me (and I think everyone else, too *lol*) and the group shots were made with the fans sitting between Gale and Randy (good idea!).

Unfortunately I missed the 2nd Panel with Robert, Michelle and Ryan because we were standing in the line for the photos.

The Closing. I’m sure you all saw the video, Elke [ profile] reiselust161 posted. It was amazing. Randy was hilarious, he laughed so hard he had tears in his eyes. Gale thanked the fans for all the presents he/they got.

The Cocktail reception was a little too short… The tables were too big and there was always one actor one each side… but unfortunately they never switched. And it was impossible to “follow” both of them. So we got Gale, Ryan, Michelle and Sheena. And while it was incredible… it should’ve been a little longer so that every table get’s every actor! I would’ve loved to get Randy, Robert, Scott and Peter as well!

The Dinner was amazing! I was sitting on Robert’s table and we talked a lot about TV shows like “Games of Thrones”, “True Blood” and “Spartacus” and about Fanfictions and about the Pride. Robert is such a cutie, he asked us a lot of questions. Unfortunately we weren’t allowed to take pictures during the dinner, which is probably the reason why there’s no picture from “THE HUG”!

Randy had to leave earlier because he had to catch his flight. And so they all went up to say goodbye and everybody (the actors) hugged him. So did Gale… and what did we do? We “Awwww’d” *LOL*! But… no picture *sniff*.

And that was it… the Dinner was over and we were allowed to take a picture with Robert (so lovely this man). And then we got “in line” to get a goodbye hug from Ryan… YES!

Later we went to the hotel bar and a few minutes later Ryan showed up and was sitting practically right beside us (let’s just ignore that he brought Misty with him – yes, she was really there!). He told us another funny story about how they were filming some of the backroom scenes and how they use a little camera on a “babyarm” and how Gale was wearing this “babyarm” between his legs and how he, Ryan, was like “O my god, what… the… fuck…” *LOL*

So much for the Convention…

I met so many people there: [ profile] predec2, [ profile] later2nite, [ profile] rockie2010, [ profile] jule2009, [ profile] nivahl, [ profile] reiselust161, [ profile] withwoman, [ profile] bigj52, [ profile] xheartrock and of course my beloved [ profile] pam81, who I shared a room (and a bed) with.

I’m sure I forgot so many people, not sure if they’re all on Livejournal: Angelika and Sabine for example!

On Saturday we were able to go the pride (not during the parade, since it was on Sunday) and what can I say: It was like being right on Liberty Avenue: The Music and the pretty boys. “Happy Pride… how’s it going!” YAY
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